Macro Trader Mike Novogratz Promotes Bitcoin on CNBC’s Fast Money

Macro trader and “hyper-bull”, Mike Novogratz promotes Bitcoin on CNBC’s “Fast Money” suggesting cryptocurrency’s market could grow to $2 trillion USD by the end of 2018, a 600% increase.

Definitely worth a watch, Mike Novogratz makes interesting points about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, explaining how access to cryptos has improved and how Bitcoin’s market compares to the gold market.

Gold’s market value of about 7.7 trillion USD (based on $1,282USD price) dwarfs Bitcoin’s current market value of $177 billion USD (based on $10,600USD price).

Further bolstering Bitcoin’s price, CME Group has announced Bitcoin futures for December 18th, bumped from a proposed December 10th release.

Related article: Why we value BitcoinIf Bitcoin and gold tickle your fancy, I wrote another article: “Why we value Bitcoin” which also examines and compares Bitcoin’s relationship, as a store of value, to gold. I’ve been enamored with the idea of how Bitcoin is gradually replacing gold as the most sought after asset for the modern age.

The internet radically changed communications, and Bitcoin is poised to radically change finance.

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